Saturday, 8 January 2011

Small steps lead to big things...

I have joined Louise Gale's Big dreams and small wonders workshop and when being asked to reflect on last years achievements, I original thought, what did I actually do!  When I really thought about it, I realised I had achieved a few, albeit, small things, like participating in some great on-line workshops, starting my Flikr account, producing more art etc.

So on the back of my reflections this lttle lady popped into my head this morning.  It was a very quick sketch followed by a very quick paint job.  I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed painting her.


  1. just follow your dreams Linda! she 's so lovely i just find a bit to much of contour..but it is only my humble opinion...hugs,ildi

  2. Linda, She is adorable. Brilliant work. =D

  3. Thank you lldiko and Blissful Pumpkin.

    lldiko, after I had inked the contour lines in I also thought the same. I am still trying to get the balance right, so thank you for your very constructive comment.

  4. I love this, and I love that she "just popped into your head" thats why your blog is called serendipity! Along with 'Joy' thats my word of the year with big dreams small wonders, Sheila

  5. Thank you Sheila. I commented on your 'joy' picture on your flickr site, which I thought was beautifully done and just as the word says. Linda


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