Sunday, 1 May 2011

21 Secrets

I am participating in the 21 Secrets workshops and this is my first session called Child's Play with Alma Stolla.  As this is such a change from what I usually do, I found it fun and liberating and decided that I would make a  journal from my pages annotating what I had done to get there.  I can now go back at a later date and remember how I got the effect.  I also had fun making the stamps from what I had around the house.

These are each side of the finished pages.

 These are the pages folded ready to make into the journal.


  1. Fantastic! It looks like you had some fun with these. I like all the colors and shapes you used. This will be a great journal.

  2. These do look very creative and def different to your usual stuff. So good to stretch oneself, eh?

    BTw, thank you for the link for more photos of the wedding. By the time Friday night rolled by I was soo pooped. LOL.

  3. WOW these are fantastic!!! I really like the bubble wrap, and the toe separator- I would have never guessed :D

  4. Hi Linda,

    you have created a super collection of pages.
    I simply love it.



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