Saturday, 21 January 2012

Handmade art booklet and journal

I came across my stash of unused card blanks from the days when I taught and published card making ideas and in the back of my mind was that I should sell them off to acquire some extra space.

Having this phobia about not gettting rid of anything, as I know I will always need it when it is gone, I pulled a few out and tested them to see how they took medium e.g. makers pens, watercolour etc and they seemed to hold up pretty good. So I folded some new blanks and glued them together, back to back as pages of a book.

I now have a neat little art book that I can carry anywhere, as the double glued pages make them quite sturdy, and I can add more pages as I wish.  This little book also fans out and stands up to make a dispay.

I have decided that this one will be for any whimsical birds that land on the pages. Here are two of the birds that have come to roost.
Another project that I have been working on for a while, is making a completely recycled journal/art book, as inspired by the lovely Jennibellie's blog. I know I have mentioned her before, but she is so generous with her time and instructions so her blog is well worth going to have a visit.  She is also doing a video on how to recycle those Christmas cards into a journal.

The cover of my art journal is a herbal tea packet covered in a paper bag. The pages are all made from cereal packaging and because I draw more than I paint I kept the pages neutral by covering them all in enevelope paper. The cutting, folding and covering of the pages took a long time. I then sewed the pages into the spine.  I have purposely kept it all neutral as I don't know yet what I have going to put in it, as I usually like to have a theme going.

Am linking this with Artists in Blogland show and tell week.

Have a fabulous weekend folks, I'm off to glue more cards together!


  1. Awww what a fab job! You'll get addicted to making these then be using up your card journals for months and months lol that looks
    to be my fate at the moment. Thank you for the shout out, the second half of the xmas card journal tutorial will be up this evening, I do hope you give it a go as it's really simple when broken down but they turn out really sturdy and 'arty' I would love to see how you interpret & create them xx

  2. Wahoo, this looks great. There is so much repurpose material out there, we will never run out of stuff to work with, beautiful birdies....xox Corrine

  3. Wonderful!
    I used your cereal box idea for my Life Box! :)

  4. Gorgeous birds and love how you put the book together!

  5. Oh my gosh!! I love your birds, they're soooo cute!
    Jenn from, hopping from artists in blogland

  6. Your style is so playful and fun! LOVE! The journal turned out incredible, why is making books so fulfilling? The stitching is a beautiful touch.

    New follower!


  7. wonderful wonderful wonderful!
    three times double W! same as your gift received a few days ago from you dear!!! the new year starts so good!happy art hours completing your book!

  8. The card booklet is very pretty.
    I know what u mean when u talk abt phobia of getting rid of things, after the move to NY we had to get rid of all the least used and old stuff. Its hard, i cant do it either

  9. Your birds are absolutely adorable!


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