Saturday, 3 March 2012

Handmade folded books

I have a lovely stash of gorgeous double sided card, some are embossed and some are glittery.  As it is such a shame to use only one side I thought I would make these folded books, so that both sides of the card are on show.  I found the instructions for the folding from Alisa Bolden's book Expressive Handmade Books.

Both these books are made from 6x6 inch card and the finished closed book is 2.25x4.25 inches. I made full covers for them so that are completely enclosed when tied. One is greens, golds and orange and the other is pinks, blues and purples.

I so enjoyed doing these that a friend of mine is having a candle party soon and has offered to show some that I am going to make specially, to see if  people are interested in buying.

Am not sure if the pictures show but there are little pockets that tags, messages or photos can be slipped into and the whole book can be embellished further.

Not a paint brush or pen line in sight, so this is a new thing for me. If Jennibellie is reading this then I am afraid that there is no threaded spine involved either, so technically I don't know if these are books. It is her cereal box journal that has set me along this path, so I suggest you check out her fabulous videos, I guarantee you will learn so much.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. What a fabulous work!!! You always make such amazing things!

  2. I can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to buy these gorgeous little books! And Jennibellie always has great tutorial videos. I've learned so much from her.

  3. I think they definitely qualify as a book (maybe a memory book since they can hold tickets/notes, etc) and besides that, they're just so darned pretty! I've been set on the path of exploring book making this year too and these little cuties are just the thing to get me started. Great job!

  4. Of course they are a book!! lol and they are gorgeous books! Binding books is just one way to make them but it was folded books that I started out with & though I don't do them often now they are great for little pressies. Sorry for my slow response, I've not been too well this past week and slowly catching up with the blogging, much love J xx

  5. PS thank you for the shout out too :) xxx

  6. These are great little books, the intricate folding is quite a pleasure. Lovely. xox Corrine

  7. They are really different. Good luck with selling them:)


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