Saturday, 14 April 2012

Inspirational words handmade art book

My favourite words drawn as inspirational ladies.

At the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would try and do one of my handmade art books on a different subject each month.  After my first two of whimsical birds and cats my third, a little later than planned, is of 10 ladies each drawn around one of my favourite words.

I shall have to get my skates on to finish this months in time and already have ideas of what I might draw.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  1. LOVE this!! Your ladies and the words are wonderful. What a great gift this would make. You always inspire me to get busy and make something!

  2. What a fabulous idea!!! Great job!!

  3. I love these pretty ladies, especially as they have inspirational words. Keep up the gorgeous fan books, they are so pretty.


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