Saturday, 2 June 2012

Recycled holders: step-by-step instructions

This week I have been in sorting mode and can't seem to stop making recycled holders to house some of my stash.

For those interested, this is how I made them from empty cappuccino boxes.  Firstly I sealed the empty box by gluing both ends shut.

When that was dry I drew a line down the middle of one narrow side and then measured up 1.25 inches from each end and then drew from each corner to the 1.25 inch mark.  With a sharp knife I cut through the cardboard following the lines to give the following.

I then folded these pieces and glued them inside the box and held them down with clips until dry.

Next is the fun part of covering the whole box with some of my stash of papers, these were the ones that you get free with some magazines.  These boxes could, of course be painted instead and embellished in any way you wished.  As I want to keep them side-by-side, I have left them plain.

These boxes hold 6x6 papers really well. I am now off to make some larger holders from cereal boxes to hold 8x8 papers.

I hope you found this little tutorial useful.


  1. That last photo showing them all lined up looks great...and what a simple, easy way to organize papers. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Oh these look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! You always have great ideas!!

  4. I really like these. They are so pretty lined up together.

  5. Great tutorial, I have just set up a new work area and am in need for some storage for sketchbooks and bits so will be referring back to this.

    Ps, I've left you an award on my blog

  6. very cool and i loooove your stash of papers! just great!


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