Thursday, 28 February 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge #28 and #29

Well I did it! 29 faces in 28 days.  It was a challenge at times and some of my faces were done really quickly, but it was so enjoyable.

The last two.

Face #28 - marker pens

Face #29 - marker pens

I have enjoyed doing faces so much that I may carry on in some way, not every day but on a regular basis, so will give this some thought.

Catch all the faces from everyone else by clicking on the button on the right.


  1. I like the green guy! You did all 29 faces and each one is so different. Congratulations!!

  2. yes, please keep it up!! i would love to see more :)

  3. Yes! Keep it up, never let go!
    Thank you very much for being part of the 29 faces challenge!

  4. Wonderful colourful faces! Congrats on finishing the challenge!


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