Sunday, 24 February 2013

Creative Tuesdays - Voyage

Well it has been a month since the last Creative Tuesdays challenge and I still nearly ran out of time.

This little band of miscreants first appeared back in March for April showers, now they are going on a voyage together.

Visit Mr T's blog for voyages of all different kinds.

I am being spammed a lot at the moment so, although I don't like it, I have had to reinstate word verification for the time being.


  1. This is actually the cutest! I love the excitement of standing on a platform with your luggage, excited to be boarding a train (although I know these guys are on a boat), and off to a new land. These characters look just that happy and excited, and in a fantasy land, it would be such fun to go traveling with animals like these! Beautiful work and well done <3

  2. Christine from commented as follows.

    "Came by to say your Voyage art is so cute, Linda!"

    1. The verification seems to work now Linda, maybe blogger is hicupping.

  3. nice, reminds me somewhat of Noah's ark a bit with all the animals and the ship. Very cute. Especially the vest on the owl and the kerchief and Knapsack for the cat. I'm getting spammed a ton too, must be a blogger thing. Some of them are hilarious though.

  4. They're all looking at the orange bird. ha. I think they want to know what's in his briefcase! lol...

    I know what you mean about the spammers! My spam comments file is full every day!

  5. Sooo cute! Especially the owl's vest and duck's boots! I wonder what the big orange bird is up to!

  6. HAha, I almost ran out of time too. Bad, that, isn't it? Well, I was in Norfolk and London for a good part of two weeks so there you go. Finally got to go home and see family and how much we've all aged in 5 years!

    Anyway, this wonderful illustration reminds me of Gilligan's Island's crew for some reason. Lovely and fun. TY!!

  7. wow, how cute & happpy they all are! would love to go on a trip with them too!


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