Sunday, 28 July 2013

Moleskin whimsical seahorse

I have now moved and trying to settle into my new home, although the decorators are coming the week after next, so won't be fully unpacked until the end of August.  Spent yesterday sitting on the quay watching the boats and listening to church bells ringing. Wonderful!

As all my paints etc have been packed away for a while, I resorted to keeping a little box of black pens and a small moleskin book to hand.  This is one page.

Can't wait to sort out my studio (sounds grand). I am in that lovely position of being able to dedicate a room for it, although I am not sure about the light in that room yet.


  1. It must be wonderful to live close to the water and be able to enjoy it every day. I hope you share photos of your studio when you get it set up. It's always fun to see where others create.

    Love the seahorse!!

  2. So glad to hear you are settled in your new place! That must be very satisfying. Wonderful detailed seahorse! (I hope you post it again if you color it!)

  3. This is a very beautiful picture. I'm glad you are still able to create while waiting for your space to be available. I would hate not to be able to do a little something everyday.
    Like Janet, I hope we get to see pics of your room when you can :D


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