Friday, 3 January 2014

Collage girl

Having fun trying something different.  I am doing Cathy Bluteau's workshop called Draw, collage and paint held by Creative Workshops.

The face is pencil with one layer of marker pen to add a little colour, although it does not show up on the picture below.  Markers are not very compatible with pencil as they do pick up the graphite.  It should have been watercolour for the face, but I am a bit pants with this medium, so replaced with marker pen. The hair is then collaged with strips of paper.  Very pleased with my first attempt. Am I getting in training for the 29 faces challenge next month, I wonder?

All done during a very violent storm with a lightening bolt hitting a petrol station about a quarter of a mile away and also knocking out all my electrics at the same time.  Luckily it tripped out my earth switch, so no damage done.


  1. I love her! The face is beautiful, and the paper hair adds just the right touch. I once did a face with hair made from old phone book pages. It's fun to do something different.

  2. Looks fantastic! She has a sweet little face but I'm really digging the collaged hair! really cool looking. I also love the colours you've used here. Very different and very appealing.

  3. She's so pretty, and I love her hair! (It is pouring with rain this very moment - extreme weather we are having!!)

  4. I love the earthy colors! The hair is great!


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