Friday, 10 January 2014

Fabric flower fun

Having dug out my sewing machine which was laying languid for about 20 years I have got the fabric bug.  Went to my local sewing shop and inadvertently spent a lot of money on fabric and accompanying goodies. Just as nice as buying stationery!

I have therefore been playing to make a fabric hanging picture and have substituted what would normally be paper for fabric and sewn rather than glued. 

This very simple picture was a good learning curve.  It was difficult to control the needle around the flowers as they are not that large and I inadvertently sewed the back of the picture to the wrong side, so when I turned it inside out the batting was on the outside of the back (if that makes sense!). Lots of unpicking and muttering over this. 

The finished size is 8x8 inches and the outside is deep purple.
This was how the fabric looked layed out on the calico before I got to the sewing.

Looking at the finished item I think I should have used a contrasting thread on the flowers to make them stand out more.  But as this was my first go I am very happy with the result and if I can master control I can see the thread being used like a pen or pencil.


  1. Beautiful!! Love your fabric choices! Funky and fun. I love sewn flowers and am slowly making, collecting and trading pieces for my quilt. Very slowly, lol

  2. I love these retro-looking flowers (I can only hand-sew so you are doing well!) :)


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