Thursday, 20 February 2014

29 faces February 2014 - faces 19 and 20

Face 19, this reminds me of Stepford Wives!  
Ink and marker pen.

Face 20. Ink and marker pen


  1. Two great faces Linda, yep she does look like a stepford wife and the lady below reminds me of a very elegant lady. Annette

  2. They both look great! You have used little colours in very clever way - the blue lipstick completes the upper look and the brown shades fit for the lower lady. I especially love the impression of the latter!

  3. both lovely. i especially like the hat on #20. i have a thing for hats lately :)

  4. More terrific faces! Such pretty color palettes for each one. These both look a bit charmingly old-fashioned! The one in the browns I particularly love. Great color and yes, great hat! And great coat! And love that sideways glance!

  5. 2 fabulous faces, I really love the colours in the first one though!


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