Thursday, 3 April 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Nursery Rhyme

The theme this time over at Creative Tuesdays is Nursery Rhyme.  The line is a little blurred as to whether the nursery rhymes I know well are from my childhood or just knowing them through my life.  So no specific  favourite, but as I lived in Banbury for a good few years I have chosen

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady upon a white horse
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
And she shall have music wherever she goes

The horse is not meant to be anatomically correct and I realise now I forgot the reference to the music. You will, therefore, have to sing as you read this!

Other rhymes can be found on the Creative Tuesdays blog.


  1. Lady and the horse look very cute together :)

  2. oh wow this is a really good interpretation Linda! I remember this one!

  3. Such a sweet little lass! Perfect for a fairy tale!

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  5. Excellently done Linda. I love how you've sat her side-saddle like a proper lady and I love her hair. The colours you've used for her clothes are so nice (my faves actually) and the jingle bells are so cute. I remember bouncing my wee ones on my knee whilst singing this rhyme
    Have a great weekend :-D x

  6. What a lovely painting, and delightful details. I remember loving this one as a child.

  7. Amazing so many I did not know! Mine had a white horse in it too though and yes.. th eyre a bugger to draw

    1. Another one learned for you then, Alicia. there really are so many. :)

  8. Linda, wow, you lived in Branbury and the place still exists today. One never knows if they do anymore or not --just like I was delighted to learn that the town my sister and family are moving to is indeed the very same Scarborough (Yorkshire) of the Scarborough Fair song.

    Oh, and finally, not sure if you've seen this yet but your suggestion was perfect! thank you. Wanda is blessed indeed!

    Anyway, what a lovely piece. I think the horse is perfectly fine btw. my fave part? Her wonderful flowing hair! Perhaps now you need to follow this up with Lady Godiva and all her hair to safely cover! :)

    thanks you so much for adding this delightful piece and leaving your comments too. So, how did it feel doing another Ct piece and art work again after the absence away from it? And, how is your settling into your new home coming along too? I'm sure oyu love being in Dorset. how could one not? We so wanted to visit there but with Alex's sickness, all the rain the distance so much harder to reach that going three time the distance here in Colorado alone, we simply sadly could not. one day though, right? You are of course always welcome to visit here too, should you care to explore the Rockies and Western US.

  9. She certainly is a fine looking lady -- and her horse looks very proud of his task.


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