Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Oak Trees

The latest challenge over at Creative Tuesdays is Oak Tree or Trees. 

After I had drawn my rather stylised oak tree with leaves and acorns in pen and marker pens, I had a go at transferring it to a sewing machine stitched one.  Interesting to see the difference.

Michael, who runs this co-op is having a hard time at the moment as his wife (Alexandra) is overcoming a  rather bad car accident, so we are all grateful that amongst all he and Alex are going through he has found time to post this challenge for us. Thoughts and best wishes are sent to both of you.

More interpretations on Oak Trees are on the Creative Tuesday's blog.


  1. OMGoodness you are just too talented! These are both so wonderful Linda! What are your plans for the stitched item?
    I would like to echo your words re Michael & Alexandra and I keep them in my thoughts every day :o))

  2. Oh I really love both of these. I especially admire the stylized oak tree; that is something I don't think I really have in me -- the whole concept and then the appropriate designs inside. I suppose i should really practice doing something like that but I think I would need to study many examples to get a feel for how they are done.

  3. Oh my goodness Linda... Your talent as an artist and a seamstress just are amazing. I too love the "stylized" and of course love the seam work as I did my Birthday greeting. Sending hugs and smiles.

  4. Wow! Both are terrific! Wonderfully precise details on them. I think I love the curly detail in different greens on the treetops best. Also, acorns are such a cool thing. Now I want to draw some fairies in acorn hats. :D

    Best wishes to Alexandra, too.

  5. I think using different tools will always be slightly different from the original. great idea to use the sewing machine. I like them both.

    have a great day.

  6. Wow, Linda, I love them both. it's so amazing to me that you can even transfer it to a stithed piece of art. Love it. In fact I may even like that one better perhaps jsut because I can't imagine how to do that or having the skill to do it. Anyway, love your simple yet elegant elements rendition here. Thank you so much and for the lovely comments too. I'm so glad peeps are continuing along in spite of my absence the other time around. tomorrow, however, well later today your time, you will see my piece up too. Yes, I actually found time and so glad to have done that too.

    BTW, Alex is slowly recovering. your well wishes are so appreciated. Thank you!

  7. this is amazing, its lovely an such a beautiful stitched piece, beautiful!

  8. Linda, your pieces are fabulous and I really LOVE the stitched one. Amazing. Thank you for your well wishes, along with continued thoughts and prayers. It's going to be a day-to-day process over the next few months. Truly. Yesterday was really bad but today is a little better. I'm glad I was able to doodle something for CT. I keep promising Michael and never get one done. ha :)

  9. I really love the stylized look, and it transfers so well to cloth! Awesome. Sorry for the delay, am from creative tuesday


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