Sunday, 22 June 2014

Creative Tuesdays - I want to go to...

This time over at Creative Tuesdays we had to fill in the blank after "I want to go to...".  As everyone probably knows by now that after a long time ambition I have ended up living by the sea, so that is a great pleasure to me.

So, I want to go to the beach to collect shells. The shells I have drawn were collected by me but unfortunately were not from my local beach. 

Drawing done with marker pens, although looking at it on screen I am not too happy about the balance of it.

Check out what others have done over at Michael's blog.


  1. I'm not sure what you mean about the balance of it, but I think it's fabulous Linda! I love how you've done the twisty shell and the pearl, scrolled, waves are beautiful.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my own beach page. Oh, how I love the beach. :o)

  2. Linda, what a fantastic drawing. I love the fun you have with your lines and patterns, as evidenced with the water here. BTw, I think it's perfectly balanced, drawing wise. Did you mean that the photo came out dark so the white isn't as bright as no doubt the original? Anyway, how lovely that you are now there.... at the beach..where you always wanted to be. Perfect and in a perfect part of England too. so lovely. Now, you realise of course, you;r job will be to collect NEW shells...the add them to some future drawing here, right? :)
    You are in a league of your own in that you've actually chosen somewhere local to go to! fun. you know you live somewhere great when you can say that. :)

  3. Lovely symbol of the beach, that you love.

  4. I say!! Linda, this is so fantastic, I can't see any wrong about it :) I love the way you sketch/paint/draw. Thank you so much for sharing

    Kind regards

    PS my contribution is here:

  5. I love your seashells, especially the long skinny one. The waves are very pretty too. Kind of zentangly too.

  6. Very pretty seashells in such a cool style. I wouldn't mind going to the beach to collect some shells either!

  7. This is so cute, Linda! I didn't realize you like to collect shells. Hee Wonderful piece as always. :)


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