Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer of color - week two

The colours for this week's Summer of Color are coral and teal with a splash of white. 

When I decided to sew beach huts for this challenge, I hadn't thought that I may not have fabric in certain colours. This week I had neither teal nor coral. 

As I did not want to buy fabric specifically for this I thought why not have a go at painting and printing my own, so out came the acrylic paints together with fabric addititive and I played.  My stash of stamps came out and suitable ones were used as well. 

This was such fun and I had strips of fabric drying on the line rather than washing!

The teal background is rather darker that I had wished and is creating a rather stormy effect, so the sun is trying to banish the clouds.

Loads of people are participating in this very popular challenge, so grab a drink and check them out here.


  1. Your beach hut put mine to shame. I'm super impressed. And I can tell you are a REAL seamstress, too. I love that you painted your fabric this week. I apologize for not getting around to visit last week, but time really got in the way. I'm off to find last week's entry now.

  2. Very inventive to paint your own fabric and it's so effective too.
    I especially like your patterned sun, the striped door and the heart decorations.

  3. You are so cleaver and talented. Very nicely done. You used the colors so well.

  4. Gorgeous Linda. Totally gorgeous! I love the wee hearts hanging on the scrollwork.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, you're very kind :o))

  5. I'm so impressed with those who have chosen fabric as their medium because I just haven't got the skills! Such a cute little beach hut!

  6. Adorable beach hut! So charming. :)

  7. Wow Linda, another gorgeous and whimsical creation! I love that you created your own fabric in these colours. I'm also trying not to buy any new supplies for this challenge (so far it hasn't been a problem since I have a "fairly significant" collection of supplies. :)

  8. Such an adorable little hut and a wonderful way to used the SOC colors! WOW!!!!

  9. What a great idea!! Great way to improvise too :-D


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