Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer of Color 2014 completed

Summer of Color 4 - smudge, splash and pop.  My 6 beach huts have become a mini quilt (19 x 17 inches)!  I am so chuffed at how they turned out and with the finished piece.  As I can fold this quilt I also made a special little bag for it to rest it, safe and sound.  Any quilters out there, please don't look too closely as I took a few liberties to get to the end result.  It all just grew organically, so I had not really planned it all through.

This is it in all its glory.

I painted the back and the bag in some of the colours we had used.  This was the largest piece of fabric I have ever painted!!
And then we have the bag, again using some of the colours.  I added a pocket so that I could pop in a card with each weeks colours as a record in the future.

This is the quilt folded.

Thank you so much Kristin for hosting this Summer of Color, I have learned so much and managed to do things I have never done before with fabric.

Can't wait for next year's SOC.


  1. They look terrific all together! What a great project!

  2. I am so glad I remembered to check back! Your quilt is gorgeous-love the painted fabric backing and your marvelous bag too!!


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