Sunday, 3 August 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Flight of the red balloon

The theme this time over at Creative Tuesdays is "Flight of the Red Balloon". Michael took the inspiration  from the beautiful film of the same name.  Remember the original from when I was a child, which does not seem to have dated at all (the film that is!!).

As I did not have a story behind this you can let your imagination run riot making one up.  Artistic licence taken with the size of the cat!

Fly over to the CT blog for more balloons.


  1. Lovely interpretation Linda! I can think of all sorts of stories with this one! (how did the cat get so big? where are they off to? are they friends?...)

  2. I think the size of the cat is fine, perhaps the girl is young and so she might be small next to the cat. I definitely like the animal balloon - as balloons shouldn't just be round.

    thanks for your visit to my CT, have a wonderful day.

  3. Oh that so cute, a cat with a dog balloon....and a big cat at that!! You always come up with such cute characters.

  4. " Remember the original from when I was a child, which does not seem to have dated at all (the film that is!!)."
    --Haha, what ARE you saying, dear Linda?! :)

    Speaking of that movie, it really is a masterpiece--the original that is. Timeless is so spot on.

    Well to me your lovely rendering says it's a tiger cat thus its size but one that is obviously quite domesticated, even having a penchant for doggies. ....unless, of course it's all a sly ploy to capture one! Hmmm. the girl does look a wee bit sly too come to think of it! Hee. We can have great fun with this, no? thank so much for playing along and adding your own artistic interpretation. SO fun. :) BTw, glad you found a way to add those dots too.

  5. This is absolutely darling! I LOVE LOVE your red balloons - especially the doggy! Hee :)

  6. This is just adorable and fun idea :) Cat of course needs to get a dog balloon. I really like your drawing style

  7. I love the cat! I used to have a massive ginger tom that was probably that big haha!


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