Sunday, 17 August 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Poppies

Poppies are one of my favourite flowers, hence my multiple versions.  I just thought it would be a great idea to use different mediums and see how they turned out.

For this first one I just used black marker pen.  I enjoyed the calming repetitive feeling when doing this one.

The second is a pen and ink watercolour sketch, which is a medium (watercolours) I very rarely use.  I so enjoyed using a dip pen again but the jury is out for me still with my watercolours.  I think it is because I love bold colours and strong lines in my work.

The third is hand painted fabric which is then cut out into little segments and sewn.  The photo does not do this one justice and I was thinking of sewing seed beeds in the middle. This one took the longest and the most planning which I did enjoy.

The fourth and final piece is done in acrylic inks, just putting the brush down randomly to create the petals with no guidance marks. I loved the freedom this one gave me and also the effect I achieved.  They were also so quick!

This was such a rewarding experience for me and I think my order of favourites, looking at them on screen, are 4, 1, 3 and lastly 2. Which ones do you like best?

Thank you Michael for coming up with his great challenge. More poppies over on the Creative Tuesdays blog.


  1. wow Linda they are all wonderful, my favourite though would be the watercolour, such gentle peaceful lines.

  2. WOW!!! All so beautiful!
    Sandy xx

  3. These flowers all look terrific! I particularly like all those pretty lines in the black and white!

  4. Oh Linda...such variety of style and color this time. You have really shown a lot more of your great talent. Love them all.

  5. Beautiful poppies, Linda. Your second one is my absolutely favorite! Hope you're having a good week. :) xx

  6. Linda, I am seriously blown away by so many contributions and so full of inspiration. Wow Seriously impressive work! I love them all. Really enjoy the BW dink drawing and would LOVE to see that coloured in too. The stitching fabric one is fun too--couldn't imagine ever trying something as daunting as that either! your fourth one is so clever with the free sliging paint and almost splash effect fo the edges of the petals. What a great affect and lovely painting too. I especially love, ironically enough, the one you put last on your list--no. 2! It's very different to what you normally do bu tI still love it freshness and thinking of your trying something "new" again. It;s very delicate. Lovely work, Linda. thank you so much. Yes, I think we can safely say, you do indeed love poppies. now, if only all my themes inspired as much!

  7. your passion for Poppies shows in the beauty of your work, I love them all!

  8. Very beautiful poppies, all of them. Your fabric one is my favourite because I am in awe of people that can do such beautiful fabric work, but I love the painted ones because I love paints and the doodled one is very awesome because it's doodles :D


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