Monday, 22 September 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Red Apple

The latest challenge at Creative Tuesdays is Red Apple(s).  I have gone the fabric route for this one. 

The yellow background (which is made up from a lot of little squares) and the apple are hand painted.  It was interesting to feel the difference between sewing on hand painted fabric and manufactured fabric. On manufactured fabric it is a lot smoother and easier to manipulate and the stitches seem to blend in more.

I then had a light bulb moment of childhood and stamping with fruit and veg, so fished out some apples to use as stamps.  The three on yellow fabric I think I may well make into a mug rug or something.  All in all I had a fun morning yesterday playing with my fabric paints and getting messy.

There will be lots of other red apples to make your mouth water over on the CT blog.


  1. Wow, you are talented with a sewing machine too, lovely and creative work on the theme!

  2. I so love it when I see fabric or collage type additions. So beyond me how to do something like this so it leaves me super impressed. not only that, it's totally adorable, Linda. I love it. Actually, both pieces are great. What a god idea about the stamps--love their imprints. So, this surely takes you a lot longer to do, right, vs your acrylics? Anyway, regardless, amazing fabric wonder here. Thank you so much, again, for adding your creative applications here.

  3. Yes, I'm adding regular contributors to the CT sidebar now as I want everyone to feel this is definitely part of a co-op. It is not just my thing. I do this all for each of you, for all of us to build community and plod along, as it were, in creative expression, no matter where we are on that journey! T

    hank you for being apart of this co-op with your paintings AND fabric designs. Love the variety. :)

  4. looks great, I love all the polka dots in there, it makes this a lot of fun, it would look good for a children's bedroom.

    I have not play or work with stamping but it does look like fun, though I think I would be just as messy.

    thanks for sharing your talent. have a great day

  5. Beautiful work Linda, the colours are so pretty and I love the squares. A mug rug would be lovely with either of the printed fabrics :D

  6. This is amazing, I completely agree it would be perfect in a kid's room! If you like this piece I think you could definitely make other wall-art style pictures like this. The fabric is beautiful, I love the pretty, clear design, and it's really exciting to get to see both your paintings and your fabric creations here at Creative Tuesdays :-D

  7. Your fabric creations are just amazing. You talent comes in so many forms. This again is just downright delightful.

  8. Linda, I just love your two versions of apples. You're quite clever and creative! I like the touch of white buttons on the first one, too. :)


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