Sunday, 19 October 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Found Object Art Doodle

The theme this time over at Creative Tuesdays is to find an object and then incorporate it into a doodle.  This was great fun so came up with two.

This is the cotton reel lawn mower, non electric I'm afraid, so will be hard going!

The second is the lesser known and nearly extinct scissor bird.  Although he looks quite dozy he can get quite aggresive if provoked.

Well I had to do a silly bird, didn't I.

Super fun doing these, thanks Michael for coming up with this great challenge.  See what other's have come up with over on the CT blog.


  1. love both awesome pieces, it was fun wasn't it?

  2. I love both! The Scissor Bird is so cute and creative; you could do a drawing where the Scissor opens and he opens his beak :-D Love the lawnmower as well <3

  3. Linda;, you are so darn clever. They are both just adorable. This was fun wasn't it?

  4. love the scissor version, you're so creative. no clue for that mower object is - is it a toy thing?

    anyway, have a great day.

  5. You know I LOVE it when I read people saying they really enjoyed a theme as you did and as evidenced by your super creative interpretations. Brilliant, really. That cotton thread spindle mower is so ingenious. Love it. And that bird totally takes the biscuit for you, right? Yes, I am quite sure it;s call is shrill and cutting in the early morning air. :) LOVE them both. thank you Linda. Hope you like the next theme too

  6. Linda, I was blown away by your found object ideas. Seriously brilliant. You should do a series on found objects. Hee Hee :)


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