Monday, 15 December 2014

Creative Tuesdays - Favourite 2014 CT piece

Over at Creative Tuesdays we have been let off this time into thinking up something new and to choose our favourite piece from 2014.

After a lot of thought I have chosen my sock monkey.  The reason being is that he makes me smile and as a character he could be developed further. I also think he typifies my style of drawing.

I have not designed my own cards this year, as time ran away with me, but I did one for last year.  I drew and coloured it with marker pens and then had it professionally printed as greetings cards.

Sending lots of festive wishes to all my CT buddies and looking forward to another year of enjoying and sharing our creative spirit.


  1. Ooh, Linda, I couldn't imagine just what piece you might choose for this year, but yes, this is definitely your style--perfectly you and I love(d) it too. Aside from the dots, it's also very happy which your pieces typify for me. I just noticed more from your details, as I so often do when I re-look at your pieces, like, for example, how you drew different socks on this sock monkey! So cute. The lil sock monkey just can't decide. Yes, def makes for a story waiting to be told. :) And I loved how you did that with a sock moneky for that joy of ocks theme. Thanks for the memory.

    Love your card too. I would have been thrilled to get something so personal liek that from you. Maybe you just resend it then? Thanks for showing us! Wishing you a very happy Christmastide, dear Linda! And thank you so much for joining us here with your lovely pieces.

  2. These are wonderful Linda! Both so much in your colourful cheerful style! Glad tidings!

    1. yes, it's really neat those different patterned socks, as Michael noticed!

  3. I love both of your entries! The sock monkey is adorable, and he'd make an amazing 3D stuffed animal. Your Christmas cards are darling too, beautifully designed with color and composition and just perfect for a card. Great job, and hugs and good wishes for you for the rest of this year and on!

  4. I like all the patterns on that sock monkey, he is so adorable & the mismatched socks is just wonderful. & a lovely holiday card that is.

    have a great day.

  5. Linda, every thing you've done this year has been darling. How could you pick. But I love your little monkey too...I'm smiling.

  6. The sock monkey is SO CUTE! His different colored socks are SO CUTE. Lovely image from last year too. :)

  7. Sock monkey is adorable. I love the bright and vivid colors you've used. Makes me smile also, Happy Holidays :)


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