Monday, 5 January 2015

Creative Tuesdays - Ringing in the the New Year

Firstly, Happy New Year to all my CT buddies, may 2015 bring you good health and happiness.

Secondly back to business, the first prompt for this year over at Creative Tuesdays is Ringing in the New Year.

There seems to be so much discord in the world with people treating others in the most atrocious ways, so on the back of that I have chosen the word "hope".  There was no forethought put into this piece I let the word dictate what came from my pen.

Pop over to Mr T's to see more New Year prompts.


  1. Linda, what a good word for 2015 HOPE. Love your drawing too. Just says it so well.

  2. Let hope spring eternal.....and your drawing depicts that so very well, even tho' you didn't mean to ;)
    Happy New Year Linda x

  3. Linda, this is simply lovely and I so agree with your sentiment above. Yes, hope is the thing to hold to now and through the year.

    BTW, not sure you're interested and hope you don't mind, but as it's such a wonderful piece, I took the liberty to take the photo and adjust it to more what I imagine the original piece looks like, if indeed the paper is truly white? Feel free to use it if you'd like. You can find it here:

    Thanks again for another delightful and even PRETTY contribution. I love it's serene simplicity of colour and delicacy yet intricate too in the line art.

  4. This is a lovely sentiment for 2015 Linda! Great interpretation of the word 'hope'.

  5. This is wonderful, Linda. I love the inspiration behind your contribution piece. And you're right - too much junk going on in the world. Very sad. We need alot of hope. Happy New Year! :) xx

  6. Hope! In this crazy mixed up world I lean heavily on the hope my faith gives me for the future. Great pen and ink work.

  7. wonderful piece & hope is a great word to start the new year. let's hope this year would bring more peace than 2014.

    have a great day.

  8. such a beautiful piece, represents Hope beautifully!

  9. Yeah, the new version is up! OK, I can do that for you anytime you need it, Linda. I do realise the blue is brighter than you had of course but at least the whole thing is more true to what you had in terms of the white. :) natural white is hard to reproduce in photos alone.


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