Monday, 13 April 2015

Creative Tuesdays - Happy

What makes you happy, circumstantial happiness that is, not what brings you joy, per se, or inner lasting peace etc. This is the question posed over on the Creative Tuesdays blog this time around. 

Before I launch into mine, I must say that this nearly did not get posted, as I tried three times to do my sketch and was not happy with any of them.

For me it is music, anything that is upbeat but usually it's the old ones.  As soon as I hear a favourite tune on the radio the volume goes up and I have to bop around.  Now this can get emabarrasing if in a shop, so I end up either nodding my head in time to the music or singing silently in my head.  I just cannot seem to keep still and even when I was in the middle of my eye operation and they were playing Abba in the operating room, my foot was moving in time to the beat!  (It was a good distraction actually and yes it did make me feel happy, albeit whilst feeling nervous!)

Find more happiness over on Mr T's blog.


  1. I feel the joy here! This is a great interpretation of happy, I love music too!

  2. That's me Linda,
    I can't keep still when there is music on. I have to have complete quiet while writing because it is too distracting. In Home Depot and such, if they play music that I like I will be tapping my feet (I tap dance) all down the aisle while my hubby checks things out. In church I can't stop bouncing, tapping my hands on the pews and being right with the music and words.
    Great picture - exactly how I feel.

  3. wonderful! I think everyone should dance if they hear their favorite, and wny not if it makes you happy?

    very cute drawing, I like her expression. hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Linda, I'm so glad you persisted and posted your "Happy Dancing" art! It's alive and beautiful. I chuckled when you said you couldn't help moving around when you had your eye surgery. :-) I love music too. I need it on when I drawing and painting, but when I'm writing I need quiet.

  5. Haha, I feel the joy here, Linda. Thank you for posting your interpretation-- a very good one at that. So true. Now, you won;t catch me dancing per se but I might VERY occassionally bop my head or feet..usually with headphones on though at my desk which rather limits my motion anyway.
    now, if there was any song that might get me to get up and actually move around, it would have to be Night Fever or Stayin' Alive from when I was a kid, watching my older cousin in awe practice her disco dance moves. LOL. Memories. :)

  6. What an incredibly fun and joyful piece, Linda. Makes me want to get up and dance on the sofa. However, not sure Mr. Toast would like that at the moment with his back out the past few days. lol :)

  7. Hahaha, oh mustn't laugh. It really is tweaked out. Oh dear me. lol. She is too funny.

  8. Hahahaha so cute! I know I bust moves like that when I am happy dancing, and if very happy, even will wear a yellow top like that. Super cute illustration and wonderful use of color ^_^

  9. Ehehehe! I do the same! :)
    Lvely illustration! <3


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