Friday, 22 May 2015

Crisis of artistic confidence

I think that most people at some point, probably go through what I have been feeling for the past month or so.  A feeling of being lost, artistically, and producing work that does not come from the soul.  Also I knew I wanted to paint but did not know what, so ended up doing nothing. I do feel that looking at all the fabulous art that is out there now on FB, twitter and Pinterest etc, did not help. I started to compare and feel inadequate.

Well to jump start my creative juices again and find what speaks to me, I have given myself permission to play, yup just play! To grab whatever I fancy and see what happens.

Well I grabbed my lovely FW Acrylic Inks (I just so love the pearlescent ones) a pad of watercolour paper and water.  In some cases I put down a layer of water first and in another just painted straight onto the paper.  Let it all dry and then twisted and turned (the paper not me!) to see what I could find. 

I have shown what I think is the the best one first, just to entice you (heh heh) which incidentally was my third page.  This definately did not need a before and after pic and I just love how it turned out.  I dropped the paint straight from the little glass pipettes that are in the bottles onto the paper and let it mix.  My original vision was for some pear shapes, but what a surprise.

The is the second using a brush to paint and drop paint.

And the third, I saturated the paper and dropped paint on it.

What do you see in them both?

This is what I found!

I found this playing around to be such fun and quite liberating.  Why not try it for yourself?


  1. Seems to me that your creative juices are alive and well, I love all three pieces, I sense you are actually growing in your art!

  2. the birds painting is wonderful! in the first paint splatter - I see a lady floating about in her white robe, in the second, I see a pair of cats. your drawing of the lady is good too and I really like how the paint works so well with the cat in the second drawing.

    I do like the idea of laying down paint and then draw over it into something else. I've seen this done before and it's always a surprise what one can see even before you put your pen to draw.

    you should add your link to creative tuesday as the theme this week is 'orange' and all three of these have orange in them. I really do like the bird one a lot and the loose way the paint is against the paper.

    I hope you enjoy more time 'playing' with paint and other mediums, it really does help to get you out of the slumps, as I call it.

    have a lovely day.


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