Sunday, 28 June 2015

Creative Tuesdays - Little Birds

Still trying to hone my skills with watercolours and have discovered that they do rather have a life of their own, sometimes a bit hit and miss as well.  More misses than hits at the moment! Things I have found is that you have to be patient with watercolours as they do take time to dry (this I find hard), especially when using wet on wet and to leave well alone once paint is drying, no titivating!  One big surprise was the watercolour paper, it certainly makes a difference using a better quality and not all papers react to the paint in the same way.

So with Little Birds being the challenge over at Creative Tuesdays I painted a few, not all with the same success I might add. These were the one I liked the best.

 This one might not be a little bird, but it was done on a little piece of paper 2.5x3.5 inches.
Pen lines added after the paint.

A very loose pencil sketch with paint added over the top.  Smudged splogges are optional!

An acrylic ink one, dropping colour into wet areas.  I just love the effect that the spreading blue gives on this, just like fluffy feathers. It gets very exciting as you have no control whatsoever!  I have a fascination using inks this way, as you cannot predict the outcome.

I have not just been painting birds, oh no, flowers by the bucket load.  I liked this one so much I actually framed it.  Now that is a first for me! Framing my work.

Sorry for the rather long post but I am having such fun experimenting with my watercolours.

There should be a flock of birds over on the CT blog, go check then out.


  1. I think your experiments have been highly successful and I'm very glad you framed your poppy, it is completely gorgeous and very worthy indeed. Have a great week ahead Linda :o))

  2. The tiny birds are too cute! You're doing such a great job with the watercolors!

  3. I'm so excited for you experimenting with watercolors and having such success! The first bird is just excellent....very professional. You understand my passion for watercolors I'm sure...I will post mine tomorrow, and went a complete opposite direction and instead of my usual "wet loose...." I went slow, detailed and layered. I'm so happy to be back at the drawing board. High quality paper really does make a difference, doesn't it?

    Love all your watercolor, and glad you framed your needed to be framed.

  4. Love all of your experiments! :)
    From the birds my favourite is the
    second one, it's so cute! :))
    Have a beautiful day
    Tinna ✐

  5. such beautiful work this week Linda, loved all your paintings. That watercolour paper sounds wonderful. Love the blue birdy in particular.

  6. Very nice. I'll have to experiment with some more splattery things myself. It always gives a sense of vitality ☺

  7. Linda,
    I love the easy flow of your paintings. The watercolour makes the birdies come alive. The second one reminded me of Angry Birds. lol:)

  8. So cute! I love the first two, and actually thought of a realistic angry bird with the beautiful yet potentially bird, the yellow and blue one. So cute! I am really loving these watercolors <3

  9. Hi Linda, I didn't think your post was too long. I'm applauding at your creative twitters. The added splotches are perfect. Congratulations on framing your beautiful flower. :-)

  10. I wish I can paint like that. those birds are great. and that flower piece is just lovely. I would frame it too if I have done it. it's a beauty.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  11. Hee hee, ha ha. you cou;dn;t resist one more stab at CT, eh? SO glad you did, Linda. These are fabulous. I love your wet on wet stuff here and that cardinal is amazing. I'm really loving your looser style here. Different but equally as resourceful and inventive. I hope your process of creative exploration continues to open up new doors of freedom adn expression for you. Keep it up. how lovely that the theme was so close to your heart too@

    BTW, I do so love that poppy. Def worth framing. Very glad you did. It will surely help motivate your on!


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