Monday, 31 August 2015

Creative Tuesdays - Container Garden

Funny, I have a medium size garden but the only containers are my hanging baskets!  This is how I would like to imagine having a container garden. A nice balcony somewhere, hot but not too hot, overlooking the sea! Is that hard to achieve? I can but dream.

 Quick watercolour sketch

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  1. Linda.. I adore your window garden. I't's just too cute, and the bright awning and the wrought iron fencing...perfect.

  2. Ooh, I love it, Linda! Looks great. Thank you. And yes, what a lovely container garden indeed. I'm thinking Mediterranean here. Will that do for you? :) Of course, you don;t really need pots, etc, when you have a good old English garden already. Enjoy that! And you are already close to the sea but hot? Hmm...not as long as you;d like, I'm sure.

  3. BTw, you can sing up now...if not already asleep that is.

  4. this is lovely! I like a little garden just like this - so nice and those colorful pots are just perfect.

    great entry for CT. have a lovely day.

  5. This is gorgeous Linda; it conjures up so many images in my mind of what the view may be. I really like how you have the railing so perfectly curved. Very clever! :D xo

  6. Linda,
    Such a lovely picture of a balcony garden. Great colours.

  7. What a lovely arrangement of containers, a pretty scene you have imagined!

  8. Linda, your array of plants and use of color is terrific. And I wish I could just whip up something as quickly you said you did. Your balcony also has a French flair to it, much like Wanda's. :-)

  9. So beautiful little garden. One of my dreams as well. Grow plants and flowers on a nice balcony with a great view!

  10. I am enjoying your blog. I like this very much and will be following

    1. Thank you Janice, that is so kind of you to say.


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