Monday, 11 January 2016

Instinctive Quilt Art

Have found this fabulous book by Bethan Ash called Instinctive Quilt Art and have now completed the first exercise. What I like about this book is that it guides you and gives great examples but leaves you using your own imagination to complete the exercises, so you develop your own unique style.

Had great fun doing this but did find using very thin pieces of fabric a little challenging to stop them from fraying and breaking.

I do recommend this book and this is the cover which has a lovely fabric feel to it.


  1. A gorgeous design. You are super talented in many mediums :D

  2. It's lovely, Linda, and I really like the colors and pattern. :)

    1. Thank you Alexandra, it was quite liberating as I had no preconceived ideas.

  3. I'm totally with Alex on this. Great colour combos and pattern. That sounds like a novel way to do quilting. How fun, and yes, I'm sure it pushes one too.


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