Sunday, 28 February 2016

Creative Tuesdays - Meet Me

Meet Me is the lastest CreativeTuesdays theme, your likes and dislikes.

So that you don't have to turn upsidedown.  My likes are spring, smell of fresh baked bread (takes me back to my childhood at my grandparents),when local cats come to visit, dark chocolate and sunshine.  Dislikes are procrastination, shouting, bad customer service, lateness and litter.

I had a problem with the words on the flowers as originally they did not show up, so had to infill with a solid colour, which was not my intention, so the the finished piece does not seem to me to be as light and frivolous as it would normally have been.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the last challenge with my baby slippers. Just to answer a question, these particular slippers could not be given to anyone as the eyes were sewn-on beads and these would be dangerous for little ones.

See the likes and dislikes of others and pop over to the CT blog.


  1. I think your piece is fabulously whimsical and it's so nice to 'meet' you Linda; I'm very much with you on lateness and litter.
    Wishing you a fab week ahead :D xo

  2. sunshine & chocolate is also on my list. I really like that you use flowers it is quite clever. I didn't even think to use them like this. and the drawing itself does remind me of your other works. it's a great pice for CT.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Aww, well the slippers would make lovely keepsakes down the road with a baby in mind for when s/he is grown up!

    I SO love your artwork here, Linda. It's terribly clever and as it is, I even am in total agreement on all those things, both the yays and nays...especially shouting, as you will note from my "loud anything" no-no's.

    You know, while the flowers dropping didn't turn out as you wanted withe solid colours, I think the mere fact they are dropping implies they are heavier so the thicker paint works well here and I love how you did them blue vs. the warmer colour of upright spritely yes flowers. Very cleaver! An excellent take on this theme too. I so enjoyed learning a little bit more about you in the process. utterly delightful. Thank you so much! :)

  4. Lovely job Linda, I quite agree with all your likes and dislikes! This is a pretty piece.

  5. Linda,
    I love the idea of the dropping flowers for dislikes. Lovely painting.

  6. This was a very clever piece, and it's fun to see your likes and dislikes. This was a fun theme, and I enjoyed reading everyones.

  7. Great design work, with the wilted blue flowers having writing of what you do not like, and then the happy and bright, warm tone flowers having writing of what you like. I didn't realize that was writing at first! Looked like very pretty line work. I love this piece and the orange and blue complementary colors great job!

  8. Linda, thank you for sharing your likes and dislikes. I hope you'll still like me because I tend to procrastinate. LOL. I love the colors you've chosen and I don't think the yellow is too dark and looking at it on the screen all of the colors tie in beautifully with your website banner art. Fabulous job as always. Blessings :-)

  9. What a brilliant and creative way to do your "meet me", Linda. Awww...we'd get alone quite well as I love the smell/taste of baked bread as well as, dark chocolate! Hee :)


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