Sunday, 27 March 2016

Creative Tuesdays - Easter Egg

Hope you all had lots of choccy eggs to eat this Easter.  As you can imagine the theme for Creative Tuesdays is easter egg.

This was my first try at blowing the yolks and egg white out of an egg.  Interesting past-time!  After painting and decorating I popped one into my favourite Peter Rabbit egg cup.  My lovely tiny rabbit figurine found its way into the picture as well.

I could not resist drawing a basketful of eggs, after all one has to have lots of these to eat at this time of the year. Dug out my trusty Copic and Promarker pens, which I realise I haven't used in ages.

I also dug out my acrylics and did this mixed-media piece.

So all in all lots of eggs.  More eggy renditions can be found on the CT blog.


  1. Wow, Linda. So glad you did this and even had time to show us some different applications, like the mixed media one which has so much depth for one. These are all just wonderful!

    I love seeing your copic markers out and used again. It is very you. you even managed to get depth here too behind the eggs with the use of that grey marker. These are incredibly fun. Love that loose free flowing line art and dotty style. :)

    Yup, have to hand it to you that you actaulyl blew out the eggs. We thought of doing that but decided against all that extra work but as it is, I'm sure you're glad you tried it. How long did all that take?!these are lovely adn cheery. The addition of the fabric is lovely too. I love the set up of your photo here with the rabbit adn Peter Rabbit egg cup. How fun, how English! Marvelous stuff!

    Thank you so much for doing these for us all to enjoy! I hope you had a good Easter. We still, btw, ahve many of our mini choccie eggs which is all we got but that is plenty enough!

    Ok, you are likely fast asleep as I write this so you can jsut sign up at Ct in the morning then as I jsut put that up for everyone. Sorry it wasn't earlier for you.

  2. Your eggs are brilliant, Linda. Wow and look at you, blowing out the egg when we boiled ours and then gave a "clause" to those receiving them that they might not want to eat them. lol Anyway, beautiful egg at the top and love your illustrated one. I really enjoy the creative detail you add to your art overall...always makes me smile! :)

    Hope you have a good week! :)

  3. I haven't done eggs in years! I used to do pysanki with wax stylus and all. These are lovely!

  4. Linda you went all out with this theme, lovely work starting with the handpainted eggs (I love polka dots), pretty basket, and the springlike mixed media piece!

  5. they're lovely, I especially like the polka dot eggs, so darn cute. the drawing and painting are wonderful too.

    have a lovely day.

  6. I love the details in your basket of eggs. And the mixed media nest is very wonderful. I do a lot of mixed media as well. The use of book pages adds a great feel to the overall look. Thanks for visiting my saltairandpistachios blog.

  7. so creative
    three different offerings
    each unique and a joy to see
    i have never blown the yolk out of an egg

  8. Oh my, Linda! You not only created one masterpiece...but three! I remember as a kid blowing out the eggs and painting them with my Nana. Thanks for jogging a great memory. The egg in the cup makes a wonderful for a wonderful display. And my favorite is your Easter Egg basket. If I were you I would add a faint copyright on your art so no one grabs it from your site. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. :-)

  9. Hi Linda,
    What a great response to the eggs. I remember blowing eggs with my parents, then with my kids. Sometimes I wondered if my cheeks might burst.

  10. What a lovely table scape with the wonderful eggs and your little Peter Rabbit egg cute and figurine. Nothing is more delightful than seeing a basket full of colorful eggs. Love yours. And the acrylic is wonderful too. You outdid youself, and how fun that we got to enjoy of your Easter Creativity. Hugs.


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