Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Scribble Picnic - Octopus

There is a brand new artistic group in town. The lovely Michael who hosted Creative Tuesdays has started a new co-op named "Scribble Picnic" which will be weekly challenges rendered in any medium, sketch or finished stage, and anywhere in between.

The first challenge is octopus. For this I have done a quick coloured pencil drawing. Haven't used coloured pencils in a long long time so thought I would dust them off for this.

He is a kind of friendly octopus who just loves lots of hugs, so shed his dark menacing colours for softer ones.

Why not join in, or at least pop over to the Scribble Picnic area (click the picture on the right) to see what delights await.


  1. Very nice octopus! I'm still working on mine.

  2. Fabulous octopus, Linda! You obviously haven't lost your flair with coloured pencils. :)

  3. Love your cute friendly octopus Linda!

  4. He is cute, Linda, and lovely to have you aboard (again) but now enjoying this visual pinic with us! I love it when people try or pick up again a newish medium. In fact, I tried to colour mine with coloured pencil only but could not get all the colours I wanted so moved the sketchbok sketch over to digital to finish it off but loved that it started hand drawn as it allows for more of a hand to paper naturalness about it as you have here too.

    Thank you for your entries into the Scribble picnic giveaway. I have three for you, accordingly, right? :) and yes, if you win, I will ship things across the pond even!

    Hope you are well, good to see you again and hope you join us next week for "cabin!"

  5. I like his golden colors, he looks rather serene. good take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  6. Linda, super cute octopus! I love the way you curled the tentacles - he looks like he's just waiting to meet a new friend.

  7. I love the soft yellow color of him!

  8. Linda,
    So great to see your artwork again. I'm glad Michael started up Scribble Picnic. I hope to join in as well. Your colours are lovely - soft, floating. He looks like he just fell asleep.

  9. Hugs to your octopus and you too! Those colors suit him well.

  10. I'm also thinking he looks a little sleepy, and definitely not menacing. Whew!
    Everyone can use hugs, right?

  11. I'll take a hug from a friendly octopus. Awwww So cute and I love your color choice. :)


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