Sunday, 20 February 2011

Klimt style goddess

My goddess is finally finished!  I found that doing a large canvas with all the mixed media involved was quite time consuming, but was worth doing, as it challenged me.  I also ended up with a lot of sleeves daubed with paint, as I would forget whilst I was working that parts of the canvas were still wet!

and this is a close up of the face, as I had difficulty in photographing the painting, as the light was really bad.


  1. Oh Linda she's beautiful!!! I'm proud of you that you finished her. It takes a while with that large canvas - I aught to know, I'm still not finished, LOL!

    Her blue eyes are gorgeous and I love the detail in her hair and the hearts. A lovely interprtation of Klimt! I'm really impressed with her face - her nose. I have such a tough time with the nose. What a wonderful canvas!!!

  2. Linda, She is divine. You should be proud of how she has turned out. Well done.
    You girls are making me wish I had done Tam's WWW3 also.

    Kyles =D

  3. She's beautiful! I had to laugh about your paint daubed sleeves. Most of my wardrobe has paint on it....I try to remember to wear an old shirt when I paint but I forget.

  4. Thank you Jess, Kyles and Janet for your lovely comments. They always make me feel that I may be on right track with my art.


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