Saturday, 28 May 2011


I do love doing these mandalas, I think I find the repetition of the lines very calming.  After scanning, for fun I inverted it as well.
Have a good weekend everyone, and to my friends across the continent a happy memorial weekend.


  1. Linda, So intricate! I really love the white on black - stunning! I so love doodling to calm me too! Hugs, Jessi xox

  2. The white on black really makes the design pop! I've often said that doodling or making zentangles is a form of meditation for me.

    Have a fun Memorial Weekend!!

  3. You know I commented on this over a week ago, right>???
    and with the blogger problems, they wouldn't go up!
    I am so mad at blogger!!!!!!

    I love these drawings that you do. SO perfect and intricate! And you scanning and reversing makes it more fun!! do you put your wonderful drawings like these into your art journals?

    LOVE it, and I hope you've had a fabulous weekend!


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