Saturday, 6 October 2012

Creative Tuesdays - Break new ground

The challenge on Creative Tuesdays I found hard this time.  The theme was break new ground which is taken from Sara Watkins' song "Take up your spade".

The first lines are: "Sun is up, a new day before you. Sun is up, wake your sleepy soul."  I had never heard these lyrics before but the sentiment is lovely.

It is these first couple of lines that produced the following.

See how other artists have interpreted this song over on Mr T's blog.


  1. This is perfect for the theme! It's so positive and cheerful.

  2. this is darling, and I agree with Christine, it's so happy and cheerful!

  3. I've never come to your blog without having a good and happy experience. Today is no different. You cute, so cheery, so perfect for the theme. You are so good!!!

  4. what a pretty piece! actually makes me think of Easter :D

  5. This is so cute, love that one bunny that's stretching and yawning.

  6. Linda, oooh, you actually interpreted the song itself, which you certainly didn't have to-just one take on the theme but I do love those lyrics. I had never heard the song either and this a is sweet interpretation for certain. makes me want to let out a good yawn and stretch! :)


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