Friday, 8 March 2013

Creative Tuesdays - Twisted

On looking up the word twisted, the dictionary said "contorted, wound spirally, mentally disturbed or unsound".

Well for this weeks Creative Tuesday's challenge, I may have covered all of the above.

I had such fun drawing this weird owl and no I am not of unsound mind!  I can't think of a suitable name for her, any ideas?

As twisted will conjure up all sorts of responses, see them all on Mr T's blog.


  1. This is now officially my favorite piece you've done! I may be twisted, too, because I think this one is fantastic!!

  2. love 'twisted' take on the theme Linda! I was expecting the worst from your definition then it turned out to be so optimistic and fun! lol.

  3. My goodness, I believe she's got some attitude! I think a long, exotic name. Perhaps Genevieve or Dominique. Or perhaps something very un-exotic, like Lorraine or Roxanne. As for the guy who can't keep his eyes off the cleavage, maybe Russell! :)

  4. how about "cuckoo"? :) Hahahah, funny. Love it. Thank you, Linda.

  5. I like "Cuckoo!" She's really funny and the other one looking over being scared is the cutest. Of course there could be an obvious "hooters" joke, but that's too easy and crass a route to go, so perhaps something like: " 'Owl' say! She's gone cuckoo!"

  6. I love your twisted owl - she's really something else!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. I love your work - always fantastic!!
    Sandy xx


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