Tuesday, 17 September 2013

29 faces - the next ones

Face 12... Cereal card, papers and marker pens

Face 13... Cereal card, acrylics and marker pens

Face 14... Cereal card, papers, acrylics and marler pens

Face 15... Cereal card, acrylics and marker pens.

I think what I am learning through these 29 faces is that I prefer to do the actual face using copics and promarkers rather than acrylic paint as I seem to have more control, and then combining other mediums into the rest of the picture.


  1. Whatever you choose to use, your faces always turn out so lovely and sweet. Love them all!

  2. Everyone has to find the perfect medium for the project they are in at the moment. Your faces are lovely and I absolutely love the colored hair.

  3. So pretty! So colorful! I love number 13, with that beautiful hair!

  4. More gorgeous faces. Each one is a beauty.

  5. Fantastic! These faces are so cute, especially the first one. What a sweetheart. Love your colors and your soft and subtle shading.


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