Saturday, 14 December 2013

Just playing around

I have decided to do a Christmas sketchbook, purely for play, to try out different media and see what happens but with no pressure.

This page was purely by chance and I do like the effect, it could even be an idea for a card for next year.  I just slapped on some dark blue paint and did the thing we all did as children, cutting out folded paper and then pasted.  They were supposed to be all snowflakes but the quarters looked like trees so voila.  I intend to put lots of glitter on this.

Another random page.

Seem to be trees as the moment, but I have drawn other non tree pages, which just need some colour.

Linking to Sunday Sketches.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love that blue page! It looks fantastic and would be great as cards or tags or wrapping paper. I am like you when I cut out snowflakes - they end up looking like something else, lol. There must be a trick to it. At least in your case, they turned into wonderful winter trees :)

  2. I like the blue page too. And I love those pink presents under the tree!. A themed notebook sounds fun!

  3. lovely pages Linda! I also started a journal.

  4. Very lovely trees! I especially like the blue trees and the green tree is so cute with how it barely, just barely, fits.

  5. Wow, I can never get my folded-cut paper to look great. Your patterns came out beautifully and make a striking complement to the background. visiting from sunday sketches:)

  6. I also enjoy the striking contrast! Beautiful rich color and such a sweet pattern! Happy SS!

  7. Very lovely Christmas tree doodles, Linda. I love them. The second one is my fave. :)


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