Saturday, 31 May 2014

Favourite spot

Having now taken delivery of new conservatory furniture, I have found my favourite spot to sit and draw and also read.  It is like having another room in the house being so light and airy. All I can hear are the birds.   You might think what is all the fuss about, but I have only recently moved here and the conservatory was a bit of a dumping ground, now the furniture has changed all that.  It is so comfy I might just end up having a snooze!

Do you have a favourite place to curl up and draw?

This is the first conservatory sketchbook doodle.


  1. Lovely elephant!! :)
    I wish I had a bigger house. I usually draw at my kitchen/living table. No good light and a lot of noise, night and day... Not the best place to live in, but that's it. Sometimes I draw while sitting on my sofa. :))

  2. I love your elephant, Linda. And I bet your conservatory is absolutely cozy!! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. :)

  3. This is so cute - talk about a positive elephant!
    Sandy xx


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