Sunday, 14 June 2015

Creative Tuesdays - Aqua

Well how could I not resist doing this latest Creative Tuesdays challenge!  See I just can't keep away from all you lovely people. As aqua is one of my favourie colours this challenge also fitted in nicely with my play down time.

Hand painted paper cut into triangles, ink circles and lots of drawing.

As watercolours have always eluded me, I have this desire to get to grips with it but in a very loose wet on wet style to see what happens.  These are my first endeavours.

For the one below I put puddles of water on the paper and then dropped in acrylic inks.  I just love what came from this, especially as the one on the right seems to be a mish mash of both of the other two, perhaps a sibbling?

As you can see I have not been sitting here with my feet up and am excited by the freedom this style gives, as usually I work very tightly. Only downside to this is that I am rapidly devouring watercolour paper. I am so pleased that I have given myself a mini sabatical to play as I have been doing some collage work and torn paper art as well. 

Enough of me. For more aqua gioodies visit Mr T's blog.


  1. LOVE your doodles (of course) but also, your watercolours are so beautiful Linda. My 'loose' efforts look like nothing but blobs, lol. Have a super week ahead :D x

    1. Oh dear but oh boy, that is quite funny, must say! :)

  2. So WONDERFUL to see you posting your art again. I LOVE LOVE your the new style you're playing around with. I especially LOVE the second aqua painting. Beautiful and free! :)

  3. Love your Aqua pieces Linda, great to see you back. Great work with the loose watercolours, I am sure it is not easy.

  4. I love the way you stretch yourself with so many different styles. I also like in the top picture the way some of the flowers appear to be transparent overlays on top of the colors.

  5. Linda, these color themes sure suit you. Love your oranges and now your aqua. Have missed being a glad to be back.

  6. These are amazing, welcome back! I love your intricate and controlled cut out paper flowers and the colors, and I love the watercolors, too. It's so difficult to make them look watery and effortless and beautiful, and you've managed to do just that! Lovely work as always, and I hope you are doing well and feeling well. <3

  7. Wow, you know, I can't decide which one I like best. They are so good. You would never know that you haven't been doing wet on wet watercolours for ages. Seriously impressive. Love that poppy one and so love the cut up painted pieces of paper as the base for those marvelously illustrated flowers full of whimsy.

    Well, you can definitely tell this "Sabbatical is empowering you to new things! take as long as you need and when it happens that what you're doing works with the theme, even better. How fortuitous that AQUA is one of your fave colours anyway. So love it, Linda. Very joyful pieces.

  8. you're so good at these free painting. the second piece with the blue poppy is came out really well. and the others are just wonderful.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  9. Linda, I'm also delighted to cast my gaze on your awesome art. I love the hues you used on the top piece and that you also incorporated paper. And for someone who hasn't used watercolors much, you're a natural. The one where you laid down puddles looks like birds on a wire. Just love them all! :-)

  10. Linda,
    For someone who thinks watercolours have eluded her - you are wrong. These are marvellous, loose, free-flowing, colourful. Well done.

  11. All these flowers are so adorable. I really love those poppies red ones so bright and vivid and blue shades so gentle and a bit melancholic. Beautiful art as always <3

  12. Such a varied use of aqua resulting in wonderful images.


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