Monday, 1 February 2016

Creative Tuesdays - Box of Chocolates

Well who can't resist a box of chocolates? Now me I am a dark chocolate kind of gal and have a little guilty secret.  I have been a member of Hotel Chocolat's Tasting Club for many years, which means I have a deliciously sinful box of dark chocolates delivered through my letterbox every couple of months. Bliss!!

As you now realise that is the subject of the latest Creative Tuesdays challenge. Not eating them but depicting them on paper.

When I started on this challenge I wanted to make some fabric chocolates, 3D ones, but found I didn't have any dark brown fabric, so thought I would use marker pens on paper, again no dark brown.  This made me realise that I don't use dark browns in anything I do, so had to resort to acrylics.   The browns I had were samples I received from DecoArt when I was being published in craft magazines whilst using their paints.

Lots of lovely chocolatey sweetness on the CT blog.  Sorry  I mean't to add a photo of a box of my chocolates as well, but unfortunately someone has eaten them!!


  1. Oh Yum, Linda.... I'll take the first row, now to be selfish since I first and leave some for the rest..... This is really a darling take on the theme.

  2. I meant to say "NOT" to be selfish...Guess you could say taking the top row was selfish....hahaha.

  3. By the time we see all these postings we'll all be heading for the chocolate. Just finished my post and it will be up tomorrow.
    Great piece.

  4. your chocolates Linda, glad you found some dark brown somewhere. What a wonderful thing, a chocolate tasting club, lucky you!

  5. this is a fun and playful assortment.

  6. Hi Linda, your box of chocolates looks delicious. You made it to appear that there was even the wrapping around each one. I love the doodles added that created a realistic effect on each chocolate. I used to create and was a DecoArt artist for their magazines too. Small world. ;-)

  7. P.S. Oh yes, I wonder who ate the box of chocolates? LOL And glad to hear you spoil yourself with your deliveries. :-)

  8. we all know chocolate are brown but have you forgotten there is such a thing as white chocolate? if I don't have brown, I might have make them white.

    this is lovely interpretation and the patterns are just like real chocolate.

    have a sweet day.

  9. What a great pattern! Would be lovely as wallpaper in a cafe or bakery. Beautiful job (-:

  10. Oh, HAHA, I love you last line there, Linda. Too funny! Well, the fabric ones would have been oodles of fun too but this piece is wonderful. I love your patterns. Great job. Very one might expect from such a connoisseur of fine dark guilty pleasure chocolates! Mmm...yes bliss indeed. I so love dark chocs too but they can give me headaches now so have to be careful there.

    As for not having any brown fabric, it's too bad they can't be more like paints where you can mix them, orange and blue. :)

  11. LOVE your box of chocolates!! I'm a chocoholic so this post "hit a HOME RUN" for me. Seriously - a Chocolate Tasting Club? I'd be in Choco-Heaven!
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  12. Great sketch - reminds me of the traditional boxes of chocolates my parents would have when I was a child.

    Happy CTx


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