Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Journal

Hooray, I have now found a journal that I can paint in without the pages buckling too much, so this is the first piece.   I have decided to keep this journal for practising and painting faces in.

I have tried quite a few journals, but the paper either roughs up or buckles quite considerably, which I hate, so as I like this one, of course I had to buy a few, in case the shop ran out! Well that's my excuse.


  1. I love her! The colors combination is great, and I really like all the details. Isn't it fun to finally find a journal you like? It's not always easy to do.

  2. Thanks Janet. It's like heaven, it has galvanised me to sketch out a few faces and I am now trying to get into the habit of scanning the original drawing before colouring.

  3. Hi Stephanie, It is a Daler Rowney Graduate Sketchbook. The paper is 109 lbs in weight and usually comes in A5 and A4 sizes.


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