Saturday, 12 March 2011


The sun has decided to shine, and what a difference it makes, so I did this little dragonfly in anticipation of spring.  Although I realise now that I have not quite used spring colours.  Oh well!  

I had forgotten how lovely Golden Fluid Acrylics were.  I don't normally use them all the time as they are expensive and therefore usually stick with my DecoArt acrylics.  One thing I had forgotten though, was that ink takes a long time to dry, hence I have smudges on my dragonfly.


  1. Hi Linda...Love the detailing in this and your other work.I think you have a talent for line work, which is something I haven't.Let's have more of your work on show

  2. Whether or not they're spring colors, I like this combination. This piece makes me smile....I love your flowers.

  3. Very pretty colors, I am seeing a lot of orange this spring! Your combinations are lovely. That's a cute dragonfly, too!

  4. Linda, Love your dragonfly doodle painting! It's a happy doodle and the aqua teal color is my favorite. Thank you for sharing a litle sunshine. Happy Spring!

  5. This is beautiful Linda. I love the colours. I look forward to seeing your work.
    Kyles =D


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