Saturday, 15 September 2012

Love of lines - artist or illustrator?

I have been sorting through a lot of my really old art work and have realised that I have this love affair with lines.  I have come to the conclusion that basically I am not a painterly artist (if artist is the right word) and although love colours do love drawing lines and then filling them with colours.

On this basis I don't know whether I call myself at artist or an illustrator? To the outside world an artist paints, an illustrator draws.  What do you think on this subject?

Whilst sorting througth I came across some line drawings and characters I had done about 8 years ago, so I may reinvent them for future projects.  Because I was teaching glass painted card making I developed a whole load of simple designs for my classes.

The following is an updated line drawing I did quickly yesterday based on a design I already had.  I will probably play with this using colour.

It would be interesting to read your thoughts on artists v illustrators.


  1. Hi Linda - great post! I absolutely love line drawing, also, and ink is one of my favorite media. Yes, it can be confusing as to what is considered illustration vs art. I consider myself both and artist and illustrator, even though my media are drawing ones like ink, colored pencils and graphite. I think there is room to be both, especially if you are designing your subject matter with specific composition choices, design elements, etc. I have done a good bit of botanical art and there are plenty of people who refer to their work (whether done in watercolor or in colored pencil) as "paintings".

    Anyway, I am interested in seeing other comments on the subject as well! Have a great day.

  2. An artist can be a painter, an illustrator, a dancer, a sculptor, an actor, etc. One definition says: A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill...and that is YOU! Whether you're drawing or painting you are creative and skillful at what you do. You are an artist!!


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