Friday, 27 September 2013

29 faces - nearly there

The next four faces, only three to go! Woo hoo!  In my next post I will sum up what I have learnt from doing all these faces.

Face 23 ...Cereal card, paper, marker pens and acrylic

Face 24 ... Cereal card, paper, marker pens and acrylic

Face 25 ...Cereal card, paper and marker pens

Face 26 ... Cereal card, paper, marker pens and a stamp


  1. These are beautiful. And they all go together. With all the different colors and backgrounds, and hair, they make a bright collection.

  2. You've done so many beautiful faces. I like all the colorful hair and the different looks. It would be fun to see them altogether in one picture.

  3. your face drawings are always so pretty. such a treat to visit your blog!

  4. So pretty! The top one is so fun and adorable. And the last one is so serene and cool. I dig them!


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