Friday, 4 February 2011

Just playing around

Thought I would loosen up a little with some doodling, whilst still working on my Goddess painting.   I am following Traci Bautista's daily prompts at and this was as a result of one of her prompts.

I spashed acylic ink on watercolour paper, then made random circles and did whatever felt good. The ink dried in such a way on the third one, that it suggested a cat, albeit a strange one, so I left off the circles and drew in some lines.


  1. Wonderful fun! I like your funny little kitty! LOL! I'm following Traci's art journal daily too but haven't had the time to actually work in my journal. Soon I hope!

  2. You had some fun! I think your cat is cute, and I love the flowers and circles. Traci does such amazing art and I was lucky enough to take one of her online workshops....I learned so much from her.


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