Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Playing around again!

As I always seem to be drawn to circles, I thought I would play with oblongs and squares and this was the result.  When I scanned it into the computer, I thought I would invert it to see what happened, the second pic was how it came out. Kinda cool I thought.


  1. That's great. You get two works of art from one image. If you play in photoshop you can come up with a whole series of this image.
    Have you ever thought about making cards. I think your style would look brilliant on cards. Something to think about.
    Kyles =D

  2. Hi Linda,I just found your blog, and I love it--love the whimsy!!

  3. hi - this looks cool when you invert it! I have tried that before. it is fun to play around with art isn't it. your images strike me as gardens by day and by night...agree with above comment, they would be great colorful cards

  4. Linda - so fun! I think it looks really cool when you flip the colors. I'd like to try something like this myself - I need to learn a little more in photoshop 1st...

  5. I like them both. And I agree they would make cute cards.


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