Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring blossom

Spring blossom is everywhere at the moment, sadly it does not stay long, hence my drawing.  Have been set a real challenge from Mr T for next week.  Rooftops, either from a birds eye view or looking upwards.  If you see someone with a crick in their neck, that's me.


  1. Love your colors. This is Spring itself!!

  2. Awesome Linda. Your work is always so vibrant and feel good.
    Do you do your work on watercolour paper?
    Kyles =D

  3. Wonderful colors and so right for the season.

  4. Thankfully your blossoms will last a whole lot longer. The pink/green/yellow color combo is perfect for springtime.

  5. Definately Spring. Very uplifting for me! Lovely colors and I like the little bees too. Very nice!


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