Saturday, 3 September 2011

What's been happening this week- Ideas and moving forward

Now being back at work from a two-week break, I found that I have done lots of doodling but nothing serious except think about how I would like to move forward.  I am testing the waters with Zazzle and have put my beach huts below on a tote bag to see what it will look like.  When it arrives I will let you know. Have any of you had any experiences with Zazzle as I am thinking of opening a store.
I am also thinking of painting some ACEO cards with some of my owls on to try and sell on ebay to see what happens.  I did manage to prepare them this week ready for painting.

Some of you might suggest opening up an etsy store, but I don't think I am quite ready for that yet and like everyone else all this has to be fitted around other work and home commitments.  Why is there not more than 24 hours in a day!

This post is for my show and tell Saturday on Artists in Blogland.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Those are really cool! Let us know how you like zazzle. I am thinking of opening an etsy store too, but of course, I have loads else going on!

  2. I've not worked with Zazzle before and would be interested in what you think. So, please do keep us posted! :) Love your little beach houses. Hugs.

  3. Love the graphic style of the art and think it should be fab on a tote! I have no experience with Zazzle and am on the verge of trying Etsy. The problem I anticipate there is that there are about 500million shops so how is anyone going to notice mine? But, we won't know if we don't it's worth a try, right? Let us know how Zazzle works for you.

  4. I've not had any experience with Zazzle but heard lots of people talk about it. I'm sure the tote will look beautiful.

  5. Hi Linda, I think you beach huts will do well. They are fabulous. There are so many of your artworks that should be up for sale, as I think you would do extremely well. I LOVE your artwork. Your artwork would look great on all the Zazzle products. I've been looking at Zazzle this past week also, but need to find the time.
    I look forward to seeing your Zazzle store filled with all of your beautiful artwork on a variety of products.
    Best of luck,
    Lyles :D

  6. Your beach huts are going to look fabulous on a bag. xx

  7. Those are great plans. I've heard good things about Zazzle. I even ordered a bag there and the print is staying nice and lovely. :) It's been 2 years now and I use that bag good. :)

  8. Hi Linda, This is going to be FABULOUS on a tote! I don't know Zazzle, guess I'll need to google it... I agree that 24 hours is not enough time for a day, lol! So many plans, so little time...!
    Jessi xox

  9. Sorry, I have no experience with Zazzle either, but would like to learn from others' experiences with it.

    Your work is so wonderful, bright, and delightful!
    I love it!

    Thank you for joining my art blog hop and posting the button on your site!
    So glad I found your blog through the hop...
    I am your newest follower! :)

    All the best!

  10. Absolutely WONDERFUL!! I am a big fan of your work, and look forward to seeing your blog posts!


  11. So enjoyed this visit to your to find out who/what Zazzle is/are


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